How Much Does It Cost to Ship a SNOO? (Updated Rates/Prices)

Navigating the expenses of shipping an SNOO, the smart bassinet, is crucial for new parents. Factors like distance, shipping method, and additional services influence costs. 

We will break down these components and provide insights to help you make informed decisions about shipping your SNOO affordably and efficiently.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship an SNOO?

SNOO rentals come with free shipping within the continental United States. However, for rentals sent to Hawaii and Alaska, there’s an extra $275 shipping fee. When it’s time to return the SNOO, customers will incur a $59.50 shipping charge. 

Unfortunately, shipping to APO or FPO addresses is not possible due to the size of the SNOO.

What is a SNOO?

The SNOO is a smart bassinet developed by Happiest Baby that incorporates responsive technology to provide soothing motions and sounds to help infants sleep more peacefully. 

It’s designed to mimic the calming sensations of the womb and adjust its intensity based on the baby’s cues, contributing to improved sleep for both babies and parents.

What Can Influence the SNOO Shipping Costs?

When it comes to shipping an SNOO, the total cost can vary based on a range of factors that need careful consideration. Understanding these influencing elements can help you make well-informed decisions and manage your budget effectively.


The distance between the origin and destination plays a significant role in determining shipping costs. Shipping an SNOO within the continental United States might be covered by free shipping, as offered by some providers. 

However, if the destination is outside this region, such as Hawaii or Alaska, additional shipping fees could apply. These fees are often associated with the increased distance and logistics involved.

Shipping Method

The choice of shipping method can significantly impact the cost. Expedited options, which promise quicker delivery, tend to be pricier than standard shipping. If you need the SNOO to arrive promptly, be prepared to pay a premium. 

On the other hand, if you can afford to wait a bit longer for delivery, opting for standard shipping might be a more budget-friendly choice.

Additional Services

Shipping providers may offer additional services like insurance and package tracking. While these services can provide peace of mind and security, they also come with added costs. 

Insuring the shipment ensures compensation for damages or losses, but it could slightly increase the shipping expense. Similarly, package tracking provides real-time updates on the shipment’s location, adding a layer of convenience that might be worth the extra fee.

Return Shipping Costs

If you’re renting the SNOO or need to return it after use, consider the return shipping costs. While some companies might cover the return shipping as part of their service, others could charge a fee. 

It’s essential to factor in this potential cost when budgeting for shipping and rental expenses.

Shipping Restrictions

Keep in mind that the size of the SNOO could impact its shipping eligibility. Some shipping providers might not be able to deliver to APO or FPO addresses [1] due to the SNOO’s dimensions. 

It’s wise to verify the shipping restrictions beforehand to avoid any unforeseen limitations.


In essence, the cost of shipping an SNOO depends on factors like distance, shipping method, extra services, and return fees. Being mindful of these aspects will help you plan for a smooth and cost-effective shipping process, ensuring your SNOO reaches its destination without any surprises.


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