How Much Does It Cost to Respec in New World? (Customization Prices)

In the dynamic world of the New World, having the ability to respec is crucial for players to experiment with different builds and playstyles. 

This article aims to shed light on the respec costs in New World and provide valuable insights for players looking to optimize their characters.

Respec Cost for Attributes

Respeccing attributes allow players to reallocate their attribute points to match their desired playstyle. The cost of respecing attributes in New World varies based on the character’s level and the number of attribute points invested.

While players are below level 20, respecing attributes are entirely free. It provides early-game flexibility for players to try out different attribute distributions without incurring costs. 

However, once players reach level 20, respecing attributes will cost a certain amount of Coins. The following table provides estimated prices for respecing attributes at different character levels:

LevelRespec Cost
Below Level 20Free
Level 2020 Coin
Level 3030 Coin
Level 4040 Coin
Level 5050 Coin

Weapon Respec Cost 

Respecing weapons allow players to explore different combat styles and optimize their gameplay. The cost of respecing weapons in New World depends on the weapon’s mastery level.

Below weapon mastery level 10, respecing weapons are free. It allows players to experiment with different weapons and playstyles without associated costs. 

However, once players reach mastery level 10 and above, respecing weapons will require Azoth. 

The following table provides estimated prices for respecing weapons based on mastery level:

LevelRespec Cost (Azoth)
Below Level 10Free
Level 10 and above25 Azoth

Acquiring Azoth

Azoth is a valuable resource in New World used for various purposes, including respecing weapons. Players can acquire Azoth through different activities, such as completing quests, killing NPCs, and gathering.

The amount of Azoth rewarded varies based on the action. Completing quests can reward players with 5-15 Azoth, killing elite NPCs can grant 1-5 Azoth, and gathering resources may yield 1-3 Azoth. Players must engage in these activities to accumulate Azoth for future active respecs.

Planning & Considerations

Before reaching level 20, take advantage of the free respec options to explore different builds and playstyles. It allows you to experiment without incurring costs and find the optimal build [1] for your character.

Be aware of attribute thresholds that unlock bonuses and plan your attribute point distribution accordingly. It ensures you maximize the benefits of your build and optimize your character’s performance.

Given the limited availability of Azoth, it’s crucial to manage its usage wisely. Use Azoth primarily for respecing weapons and prioritize other uses, such as fast traveling and crafting, based on your preferences.


Understanding the respec costs in New World is essential for players seeking to refine their builds and explore different playstyles. The cost of respecing attributes and weapons varies based on the character’s level and mastery. 

By leveraging the flexibility of respecing, players can create unique and optimized builds that suit their playstyles.


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