How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Ring At Kays? (Updated Prices)

When it comes to jewelry, a perfect fit can make all the difference in the world. Whether you’ve recently inherited a family heirloom or your engagement ring just doesn’t sit right, resizing your ring is a common solution. 

If you’re considering getting your ring resized at Kay Jewelers, one of the leading jewelry retailers in the United States, you’re probably wondering about the cost. So in this article, we will delve into the prices of resizing your ring at Kay’s and other factors. Let’s start!

Overview of Ring Resizing Costs at Kays

Resizing a simple ring with a minor size adjustment at Kays might cost anywhere from $25 to $75. More complex resizing jobs involving intricate designs, gemstones, or significant adjustments could range from $75 to $150 or more.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Ring Resized Through Kay’s?

One of the first questions that come to mind when considering ring resizing is how long it will take. The duration of the resizing process at Kay’s can vary depending on several factors.

Store Location

The time it takes to resize a ring can differ from one Kay Jewelers store to another. Busier stores may have longer wait times due to higher demand for their services.

Type of Ring

The complexity of the resizing job plays a significant role. A simple resizing for a plain gold band might be quicker than resizing a ring with intricate details or gemstones.

Ring Size Adjustment 

If you need a significant size adjustment, it may take longer than a minor adjustment. Enlarging a ring often requires more time and effort.

Custom Work

If your ring requires custom work or additional design modifications, this can extend the resizing process.

Does Kay Do Free Ring Sizing?

The cost of resizing a ring at Kay’s is a common concern for customers. While they do offer resizing services, it’s important to note that these services are not typically free. The price of resizing will depend on several factors.


The type of metal in your ring affects the cost. Resizing a gold ring may have a different price than resizing a platinum one.

Ring Complexity

Rings with intricate designs or settings, such as those with multiple stones or engravings, may cost more to resize due to the additional labor and expertise required.

Size Adjustment

The extent of the size adjustment needed will impact the price. Making a ring smaller often costs less than enlarging it.

Additional Services

If you require other services, such as cleaning or polishing, Kay’s may bundle these with the resizing at an additional cost.

To get an accurate quote for resizing your ring at Kay’s, it’s best to visit a store or contact their customer service. They will assess your ring’s unique characteristics and provide you with a precise cost estimate.

Does Resizing A Ring Damage It?

One common concern among customers is whether resizing a ring can damage it. When done by skilled jewelers at reputable establishments like Kay Jewelers, resizing should not significantly harm your ring. However, there are a few considerations.

Metal Stress: Resizing involves cutting the ring and either adding or removing a section. This process can introduce stress to the metal. However, experienced jewelers take precautions to minimize this and ensure the structural integrity of the ring.

Gemstone Safety: If your ring has gemstones, there’s a risk of damage during the resizing process. Kay’s jewelers are trained to handle gemstone settings carefully, but it’s essential to choose a reputable jeweler with expertise in this area.

Ring Composition: Rings with intricate designs or multiple components may be more susceptible to damage during resizing. It’s crucial to discuss the potential risks with the jeweler and understand how they plan to safeguard your ring during the process.

To mitigate any concerns about potential damage, it’s advisable to work with a trusted jeweler like Kay’s, which has a reputation for quality craftsmanship. They will provide guidance on the best approach to resizing your particular ring while minimizing any risks.

Can You Get Your Ring Sized At Kay’s?

Yes, you can get your ring sized at Kay’s. They offer professional resizing services to help you achieve the perfect fit for your beloved jewelry. 

Remember that while Kay Jewelers does charge for resizing services, the cost is determined by various factors, including the material, complexity of the ring, and the extent of the size adjustment.

To get started, visit your nearest Kay Jewelers store or contact their customer service to discuss your resizing needs and receive a cost estimate. Their skilled jewelers will work to ensure your ring is resized to your satisfaction.

Does Kay Trade-In Rings?

In addition to resizing services, Kay Jewelers also offers ring trade-in options. If you have a ring that you no longer wear or want to upgrade your jewelry, trading in your old ring at Kay’s can be a great option. Here’s how it works.

Appraisal: Bring your ring to a Kay Jewelers store for appraisal. Their experts will assess its value based on factors like metal type, gemstones [1], and overall condition.

Trade-In Value: Once the appraisal is complete, Kay’s will provide you with an offer for your ring. This offer can be used as credit towards the purchase of new jewelry from their store.

Upgrade or Exchange: You can choose to use the trade-in value to upgrade to a new piece of jewelry or simply exchange it for something else in the store.

It’s important to note that the trade-in value offered by Kay Jewelers may not be the same as the original purchase price of your ring, as it takes into account factors like market conditions and the condition of your ring. However, it can be a convenient way to refresh your jewelry collection while putting your old pieces to good use.


When it comes to resizing your ring at Kay Jewelers, the cost can vary based on factors such as the material, complexity, and size adjustment needed. While resizing is not typically free, it’s essential to choose a reputable jeweler like Kay’s to ensure the job is done professionally and with care. 

Additionally, if you have old rings that you no longer wear, Kay Jewelers offers trade-in options to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for your collection. Whether you’re resizing or trading in, Kay’s can assist you in all your jewelry needs.


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