How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Watch Crystal? (Updated Prices)

Replacing a watch crystal is a common service sought by watch owners to restore the appearance and functionality of their timepieces. The cost of this repair varies depending on factors like the type of crystal, watch brand, and complexity of the task. 

Understanding the expenses involved and the options available is essential for making informed decisions to preserve and enhance your beloved watch. Let’s explore the key factors influencing the cost of replacing a watch crystal and find the most suitable solutions for your timekeeping companion.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Watch Crystal?

Understanding the cost of replacing a watch crystal involves considering several factors. The brand, type, size of the crystal, and repair service all contribute to the expense. 

Prices range from $25 for budget-friendly acrylic crystals to over $125 for luxurious sapphire crystals, particularly for high-end brands. To make the best decision for your timepiece, carefully evaluate your options and choose wisely.

Different Factors Affecting the Cost of Replacing a Watch Crystal

Replacing a watch crystal is no trivial matter—it can make or break the aesthetic and functionality of your beloved timepiece. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly fix or indulging in a luxurious replacement, understanding the factors that influence the cost is essential. 

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Brand Influence

Brands play a significant role in determining the cost of watch crystal replacement. Renowned luxury brands [1] often employ proprietary crystals or use high-quality sapphire variants, elevating the expenses. 

In contrast, more affordable watchmakers may use acrylic or mineral crystals, which can significantly reduce the replacement cost without compromising durability.

Crystal Type

The type of crystal being replaced directly impacts the price. Acrylic crystals, while budget-friendly and lightweight, are less scratch-resistant than mineral or sapphire crystals. 

Mineral crystals offer better durability but might come at a slightly higher cost. Sapphire crystals, the top-tier choice, are highly scratch-resistant and are commonly found in luxury watches, contributing to their premium price point.

Crystal Size

The size of the crystal needed for replacement affects the cost. Smaller, standard-sized crystals are generally less expensive and more readily available. However, if your watch has an irregular or oversized crystal, the replacement cost might escalate due to the rarity and custom sizing required.

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Repair Service

The watch repair service you choose also influences the replacement cost. Renowned and experienced watchmakers may charge higher fees for their expertise and reputation. 

On the other hand, opting for less-known or less-experienced repair services might offer cost savings, but it could potentially compromise the quality of the replacement.

Complexity of the Timepiece

Some watches boast complex designs, with multiple crystal components or integrated features. Replacing such intricate crystals might require more time and skill, contributing to a higher cost. 

Conversely, simpler timepieces with straightforward crystal replacement needs tend to incur lower expenses.

How to Save Money?

Replacing a watch crystal doesn’t have to break the bank. With a bit of smart planning and resourcefulness, you can keep your timepiece shining without draining your wallet. Here’s a practical guide on how to save money while replacing your watch crystal.

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Shop Around for Competitive Prices

Don’t settle for the first watch repair service you come across. Take the time to shop around and gather quotes from different watchmakers. Compare the prices, services offered, and customer reviews to find a reputable yet budget-friendly option for your crystal replacement.

Consider Alternative Crystal Types

While sapphire crystals offer top-notch quality, they come at a premium cost. If you’re on a tight budget, consider opting for mineral or acrylic crystals instead. They are more affordable and can still provide adequate protection for your watch while saving you some money.

Seek Independent Watchmakers

Big brand service centers might charge higher fees due to their reputation and overhead costs. Consider reaching out to independent watchmakers who often offer competitive prices for crystal replacements without compromising on expertise and quality.

Purchase Pre-Owned Crystals

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For vintage watches or models that are no longer in production, finding original replacement crystals can be challenging and costly. Consider buying pre-owned crystals from reliable sources, as they are often more affordable while maintaining authenticity.


The cost of replacing a watch crystal varies based on factors like brand, crystal type, and repair service, ranging from $25 to over $125. Consider options wisely for a cost-effective solution.


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