How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Villa in Samui? (Updated Prices)

Samui is one of Thailand’s most popular tropical island destinations. With its palm-fringed beaches, lush jungles, and upscale resorts, it attracts both local and international tourists. 

An increasingly popular way to experience Samui is by renting one of the island’s many private villas. But with luxury amenities and prime locations, how much does it actually cost to rent a villa in Samui? Read on to find out!

Factors Influencing Villa Rental Prices in Samui

Location and Proximity to Attractions

One of the main factors that determine Koh Samui villa rental pricing is the property’s location on the island. Beachfront villas or those located near popular tourist attractions like Chaweng and Lamai beaches command higher prices compared to those situated further inland. 

Proximity to the airport, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. also impact pricing.

Seaside Koh Samui villa

Size and Type of Villa

Rental costs depend greatly on the size of the villa – the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and total floor area. Larger multi-bedroom villas suit bigger groups and families but they cost more. 

Villa designs and types like beachfront bungalows and tropical-style villas also affect pricing.

Seasonal Variations in Pricing

Samui’s high and low seasons determined by weather patterns and tourist demand cause significant fluctuations in villa rental pricing. Expect steep surcharges during peak seasons like Christmas, New Year’s, and Chinese New Year when demand is very high.

Amenities and Services Offered

Luxury villas come with amenities like private pools, home entertainment systems, fully-equipped kitchens, and housekeeping services. Naturally, these villas cost much more than ones offering basic facilities.

Koh Samui villa with an inifinity pool

Average Rental Costs

Low-End Villas: Basic features and amenities

The most affordable villas in Samui with basic amenities and average location rent for $100-150 per night generally. While these villas may not have pools or are further from the beach, they offer comfortable stays on a budget.

Mid-Range Villas: Better location and facilities

Comfortable villas in good locations with amenities like private pools and entertainment systems rent for approximately $200-400 per night normally. These offer higher quality stays for mid-range budgets.

Luxury Villas: Premium features and exclusive services

For travelers who prefer exclusive facilities and services, luxury villa rentals in Samui cost $500 or more per night usually. These villas have lavish pools, modern entertainment equipment, private beach access, and fine dining [1] options. 

Rental costs can run into thousands of dollars a night.

inside a Koh Samui villa

Additional Costs to Consider

Utility Bills (electricity, water, internet)

Guests may need to pay additional utility fees on top of the base rental rate, including electricity, water usage, and internet/WiFi charges. 

For electricity alone, costs can start from around $10 per night and go up significantly with luxury villas featuring extensive lighting, entertainment systems, and appliance usage. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Services

While some basic housekeeping may be covered in rental costs, extra services like specialized villa cleaning before or after rental periods, and garden and yard maintenance, often need to be paid for separately. 

These additional cleaning/maintenance fees can cost $30 or higher per service instance. 

Security Deposits and Insurance

Many villas require security deposits starting from $100 or as high as full rental amounts to safeguard against damage. Though refundable, guests need to budget for this.


Renting a villa is a fabulous way to enjoy Samui’s tropical charms in privacy and luxury. Villa rental prices range widely depending on location, size, amenities, and services starting from $100 per night for basic villas to several thousand dollars per night for uber-luxurious ones. Make sure you factor in extra costs as well for a hassle-free villa stay.


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