How Much Does It Cost To Renew Wedding Vows? (Price Estimates)

The notion that love can be celebrated over and over again is not only romantic but deeply enriching. For many couples, renewing their wedding vows serves as a milestone, an affirmation of enduring love. However, one question hangs in the air: 

How much does it cost to renew your vows? 

The answer isn’t straightforward. On average, couples may spend anywhere from a mere $120 to an extravagant $5,000 for a vow renewal ceremony with around 100 guests. The expansive price range owes itself to a myriad of factors that each couple uniquely chooses.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Renewing Vows?

Renewing your vows can be as simple or as complex as you wish, and the choices you make contribute significantly to the overall cost. Below are some pivotal cost-influencing elements:


What you choose to wear plays a significant role in your overall budget. Renting a tuxedo, for example, can set you back around $200, but if you decide to purchase one, expect to pay over $400. If a bride opts for a brand-new wedding gown, prices can start at $500 and can skyrocket into the thousands.


If you had an open bar at your wedding, your guests might expect a similar setting at your renewal ceremony. The expense could range from $15 to $50 per person, depending on the quality and variety of alcohol you offer.

Culinary Expenses

The food served can be a major cost variable. If you go for a three-course meal, you could be looking at upwards of $50 per person, especially if catered. However, if you opt for a buffet or hors d’oeuvres, the cost may be significantly less.


While some couples dream of renewing vows in a distant, exotic locale, keep in mind that destination vow renewals can cost a small fortune. If you decide to stay local or even host the ceremony in your backyard, you could save a considerable amount.

Guest List

The number of guests directly affects the venue size, the quantity of food and drink, and other logistical expenses. If you’re considering an intimate affair with only your closest friends and family, you could dramatically cut costs.


Live music can be magical but comes at a price. A live band might ask for approximately $4,000 while hiring a DJ could cost around $1,200.


The aesthetic choices you make—flowers, centerpieces, banners—add up. Custom decorations can range from $200 to $2,000, depending on the intricacy and materials.


Professional photographers often charge a premium for what falls under ‘wedding photography,’ ranging between $1,600 to $3,600.


An officiant can add formality and structure but can also add to the bill. Their services may range from $250 to $800.


While paper invitations provide a traditional touch, e-vites [1] can be cost-efficient. Printed invitations could cost anywhere from $100 to $800, depending on how luxurious you go.


Some couples opt to upgrade or add to their existing wedding bands. This could add another $200 to $4,000 to your expenses.

Cost-saving Strategies for Your Vow Renewal

Be Selective with Your Guest List

A smaller guest list naturally means fewer expenses. The average cost for sending out invitations to 100 guests could be around $250. A more intimate gathering allows for cost-savings across the board—from food to venue size.

Choose Alternative Outfits

Instead of traditional wedding attire, consider evening wear or even casual wear, which can be significantly less expensive. Dress alterations could be another cost-effective option, ranging between $20 to $1,000 depending on the complexity.

Forgo Traditional Catering

Opt for potluck-style meals or appetizers instead of a full-course meal. You can also schedule the after-party for later, allowing guests to eat beforehand.

Localize Your Venue

Choosing a nearby or even a home-based venue can save you substantial amounts. Local parks, botanical gardens, or your backyard could serve as idyllic, cost-effective settings.

Ask a Friend or Relative to Officiate

To cut down on the officiant’s fee, you could request a close friend or family member to perform the ceremony.

Crowdsource Photography

Instead of hiring a professional photographer, you could ask guests to share their snaps or even designate a photography-savvy friend to capture the moments.

Renewing Vows in a Church

The act of renewing wedding vows is a sentimental and deeply personal experience for many couples. When it comes to hosting the ceremony in a church, there are often questions that arise about the formalities, etiquette, and costs involved. 

Below are some frequently asked questions to guide you if you’re considering a church setting for renewing your vows.

Can you renew your vows in a church even if you didn’t have a church wedding?

Yes, you can usually renew your vows in a church even if your original wedding ceremony wasn’t held in one. Churches are often welcoming of couples who wish to renew their vows in a sacred setting, regardless of where the initial wedding took place. 

However, it’s crucial to speak with the church’s officiant or administrative body to understand any specific requirements they may have. Some denominations may ask that you complete certain sacraments or prerequisites before holding a renewal ceremony within their walls. 

Is it required to have a reception after our ceremony?

A reception is not a requirement after a vow renewal ceremony. The choice to host a reception is entirely up to you and your spouse and should reflect your desires for the day. Some couples opt for a simple ceremony with a handful of close family and friends and then go out for a meal at a favorite restaurant. 

Others may decide to host a more lavish reception, reminiscent of their original wedding day. Keep in mind that receptions do add to the overall cost of renewing your vows, so consider your budget when making this decision. 

Are new wedding rings needed?

New rings are not a necessity for a vow renewal ceremony, though some couples choose to exchange new rings or upgrade their original ones. The ceremony is about reaffirming your commitment to each other, and the rings are symbolic of that. 

If your original wedding rings hold sentimental value and you’re happy with them, it’s completely acceptable to use them in the renewal ceremony. 

If, however, you view the renewal as a new chapter in your marriage, or perhaps you’re celebrating a significant milestone like a 25th or 50th anniversary, you might choose to commemorate the occasion with new rings. 

Again, this is a personal choice and one that should reflect the unique relationship between you and your spouse.

Is it possible to score discounts when renewing vows in a church?

Discounts for renewing vows in a church are not standardized and vary from one institution to another. Some churches may offer a reduced fee for members of their congregation or for those who have made significant contributions to the church. 

Others may provide a discounted rate if the ceremony is held on a weekday or during a non-peak season. 


Renewing your wedding vows is a highly personal experience that doesn’t have to conform to any particular standard or price tag. While the average costs can serve as a guideline, remember that the essence of the ceremony is the enduring love between you and your partner. 

With thoughtful planning, you can celebrate this beautiful occasion without straining your finances.


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