How Much Does It Cost to Mail a Calendar? (Updated Rates/Prices)

Sending a calendar through the mail is a common practice, whether for personal or business purposes. The cost of mailing a calendar depends on various factors, including size, weight, destination, and shipping method. 

This article will break down the key elements affecting the cost of mailing a calendar.

How Much Does It Cost to Mail a Calendar?

The shipping rates for calendars vary based on the shipment type and the number of calendars ordered. Here are the estimated rates for shipping one calendar:

  • Ground Shipping: $4.99
  • Two-Day Shipping: $12.99
  • One-Day Shipping: $21

Keep in mind that these rates may change depending on your location and any special promotions or discounts that may apply.

Factors That Affect Calendar Mailing Costs

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Mailing a calendar, whether it’s a personal gift or a business promotion, involves various factors that directly influence the overall cost. Understanding these key elements can help you plan and manage expenses effectively.

Shipment Type and Speed

The shipping method you choose significantly impacts the cost of mailing a calendar. Ground shipping is typically the most economical option, with rates starting at around $4.99 for one calendar. 

However, if you need expedited delivery, services like Two-Day Shipping or One-Day Shipping will come at a higher cost of $12.99 and $21, respectively. Balancing delivery speed and budget is crucial in determining the most suitable shipment type.

Quantity Ordered

The quantity of calendars being mailed directly affects the cost. While the shipping cost per calendar may reduce slightly for larger orders, the total shipping expense will inevitably increase. 

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If you plan to send calendars in bulk, consider negotiating shipping rates with the carrier or explore discounts available for bulk shipments.

Calendar Size and Weight

The physical attributes of the calendar play a significant role in determining its shipping cost. Larger and heavier calendars will generally incur higher shipping fees, as they require more space and handling during transportation. 

When designing or selecting calendars for mailing, keep these factors in mind to ensure cost-efficiency without compromising on quality.

Destination and Distance

The distance between the origin and destination points directly affects shipping costs. Sending a calendar domestically will generally cost less than international shipments. 


Additionally, shipping rates may vary based on the specific destination, with more remote or distant locations incurring higher fees.

Packaging and Handling

The packaging used to protect the calendar during transit impacts the cost. Sturdy and secure packaging materials may increase expenses but help prevent damages and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Balancing the cost of packaging with the value of the calendar and its safe arrival is essential in managing mailing expenses [1].

Additional Services and Insurance

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Certain extra services, such as tracking, insurance, or signature confirmation, may add to the overall shipping cost. While these services provide added security and convenience, consider their necessity based on the calendar’s value and the level of assurance required by the recipient.


The cost of mailing a calendar varies based on shipment type, quantity, size, destination, and additional services. Ground shipping offers the most affordable option, while expedited methods come at higher prices. 

By considering these factors and optimizing packaging, one can effectively manage mailing expenses for calendar deliveries.


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