How Much Does It Cost to Lengthen Golf Clubs? (Updated Prices)

As golfers seek to optimize their game, club customization becomes a key consideration. However, it is imperative to understand the expenses involved and the potential benefits so you can make informed decisions. 

So in this article, we’ll explore the practical aspects of lengthening golf clubs and their associated costs. Let’s delve into the details of how much it costs to lengthen golf clubs and its impact on performance!

How Much Does It Cost to Lengthen Golf Clubs?

The average cost to lengthen a golf club is $8 to $9 per club, excluding the price of a new grip. If you want to keep your existing grips, you can save on the grip cost but will need to pay a save grip fee of approximately $10 per club.

What Are the Benefits of Lengthening a Golf Club?

Lengthening a golf club can be a beneficial customization for certain golfers, as it may enhance their performance and overall game. By extending the club’s shaft, players can experience improvements in various aspects of their swings and shots. 

Below are the advantages of lengthening golf clubs, exploring how this modification can positively impact a golfer’s game.

Talking about the length of Golf club

Increased Distance

One of the primary benefits of lengthening a golf club is the potential for increased distance. A longer shaft allows the golfer to generate higher clubhead speed, translating into longer shots off the tee and fairway. 

This extra distance can be advantageous, especially on longer holes or when facing challenging course layouts, providing golfers with a greater chance to reach the green in fewer strokes.

Improved Accuracy

Contrary to the belief that longer clubs sacrifice accuracy, some golfers find that lengthening their clubs helps improve their accuracy. The longer shaft can promote a smoother, more controlled swing, leading to better shot placement and reduced dispersion. 

However, it’s essential to note that individual results may vary, and players should experiment with different club lengths to find what works best for their swing.

Enhanced Consistency

Lengthening golf clubs can contribute to greater consistency in a player’s game. With a consistent club length throughout the set, golfers can develop a more reliable swing plane and tempo. 

Meter stick measurement for golf club

This consistency fosters a better sense of familiarity with the clubs, leading to more confident and predictable shots, especially during pressure-filled situations on the course.

Better Ball Flight

Modifying the club’s length can also influence the trajectory and flight of the golf ball. Longer clubs tend to produce a slightly higher ball flight, which can be advantageous when trying to carry hazards or stop the ball quickly on the green. 

Golfers seeking a more penetrating ball flight might find that lengthening their clubs helps them achieve the desired trajectory.

Improved Body Mechanics

Lengthening golf clubs can encourage better body mechanics and posture during the swing. Golfers often need to adjust their stance and posture when using clubs with varying lengths, leading to a more balanced and efficient swing motion [1]. 

This improvement in body mechanics can reduce the risk of injury and strain while enhancing overall swing performance.

Personalization for Tall Golfers

extension attachment

For taller golfers, standard club lengths may not be ideal, leading to discomfort and compromised performance. Lengthening clubs can be a valuable solution for taller players, providing them with equipment that fits their physical attributes and allows for a more natural and fluid swing.


The cost to lengthen golf clubs averages between $8 to $9 per club, excluding the price of a new grip. Considering this expense allows players to make informed decisions about club customization.


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