How Much Does it Cost to Get an ESA Letter? (Updated Prices) 

For individuals grappling with mental health or emotional challenges, pets can offer a profound sense of solace. The concept of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) has gained traction, providing assistance to alleviate anxiety, phobias, and depression. 

However, there’s a crucial step to gaining federal recognition for your emotional support animal: obtaining an Emotional Support Animal letter. But what are the costs associated with securing this essential document?

The Significance of ESA Letters

ESA letters hold considerable importance in situations where pets might not typically be allowed, particularly in housing arrangements like apartments or condos. By presenting your ESA letter to your landlord, you’re legally entitled to have your pet accompany you in your living space. 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development explicitly includes emotional support animals under their definition of assistance animals. Consequently, any pet-related restrictions imposed by landlords are overridden for individuals with valid ESA letters. 

Notably, having an ESA letter also exempts you from paying a pet deposit, even if such a deposit is outlined in your rental agreement. While these letters formerly extended to air travel, this changed in 2020 due to revisions in the Air Carrier Access Act. 

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These alterations now solely permit service animals onboard flights, excluding ESAs from this category.

Quantifying the Cost of ESA Letters

The expense of acquiring an ESA letter hinges on several factors. These letters must be issued by licensed mental health professionals, such as psychologists, counselors, clinical social workers, and psychiatrists. 

If you’re already receiving treatment from a licensed mental health professional, obtaining your ESA letter from them comes at no additional cost beyond your regular doctor’s visit co-pay.

However, if you aren’t currently under the care of a licensed mental health professional, online services offer an alternative solution. These platforms connect you with professionals who can draft an ESA letter following a telehealth consultation.  The price for such services generally falls within the range of $100 to $200. 

Some providers even offer options for combined travel and housing letters. Nevertheless, considering that ESAs are no longer covered by the Air Carrier Access Act [1], opting solely for a housing-related ESA letter is recommended. 

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With numerous online options available, caution is advised to avoid scams.

Anticipating Supplementary Expenses

Typically, procuring an ESA letter entails minimal additional costs, confined within the $100 to $200 bracket. Some service providers might impose a cancellation fee if a scheduled telehealth conference with a licensed mental health professional is canceled. 

This cancellation fee typically ranges from $30 to $50. However, beyond these charges, there should be no further financial obligations.

It’s crucial to note that certain online ESA letter services might tempt you with supplementary offerings, such as emotional support animal registration, ESA collars, and vests. 

It’s essential to discern that these accouterments hold no influence on whether your pet qualifies as an ESA. Only the ESA letter itself confers this distinction. 

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Most of these supplementary items are superfluous and merely serve as revenue generators. Exercise prudence and avoid falling for unnecessary add-ons.

Eligibility for ESA Letters

ESA letters extend their benefits to anyone facing mental or emotional health challenges. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD frequently respond positively to the support of an emotional support animal. 

Yet, a broader spectrum of conditions also qualifies, including ADHD, learning disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, OCD, sleep problems, self-harm, and chronic stress. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, merely indicative of the diverse array of mental health conditions that might warrant an ESA. 

Essential to obtaining an ESA letter is the inclusion of a licensed mental health professional’s diagnosis of your specific condition, underscoring the necessity of a telehealth conference when acquiring your letter online.

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Insurance Coverage for ESA Letters

When obtaining an ESA letter from your personal licensed mental health professional, the cost might be potentially covered by your insurance, contingent upon whether your coverage encompasses mental health services. 

In such instances, the expense would parallel that of a regular doctor’s visit co-pay. However, should you choose to secure your ESA letter through an online service, insurance coverage does not extend to telehealth consultations. 

If you seek insurance coverage, an in-person visit to a licensed mental health professional is required. However, insurance providers do not cover any expenses associated with emotional support animal ownership.

Evaluating the Legitimacy of Online ESA Letter Services

When exploring online platforms for ESA letter services, vigilance is vital. Several red flags indicate potential scams, necessitating a shift to a different service provider. 

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Warning signs include the use of terms like “certify,” exceedingly low prices that seem too good to be true, promises of ESA registration, engagement with a licensed mental health professional located outside your state or lacking an applicable license, instantaneous turnaround times, absence of customer service, and incomplete information.


To safeguard against scams, exercise caution and avoid unnecessary add-ons. The journey towards an emotional support animal begins with a legitimate ESA letter—ensuring a brighter, more comforting path forward.

These letters are exclusively sanctioned by licensed mental health professionals. If you’re already consulting one, obtaining an ESA letter comes at no extra expense. Conversely, online ESA letter services connect you with licensed professionals for telehealth consultations, costing between $100 to $200. 


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