How Much Does It Cost to Drill a Hole in Granite? (Updated Prices)

With its durability and stunning appearance, granite has become a highly sought-after material for various construction and renovation projects. Whether for installing sinks, faucets, or decorative elements, drilling holes in granite requires precision and expertise to avoid damage to the stone. 

This article will delve into the complexities of drilling holes in granite, the importance of using the right tools and professionals, and an estimate of the costs involved.

Why You Should Hire Professionals to Drill a Hole in Granite?

Cost of Acquiring Drilling Tools and Equipment

Drilling into granite demands specific tools and equipment, such as diamond drill bits, water cooling systems, and diamond-plated blades. 

These tools are expensive to purchase and may require additional maintenance and specialized training investments to operate effectively. Buying these tools may not be cost-effective for a one-time drilling job, making professional services a viable option.

The Complexity of Drilling Holes in Granite

Drilling into granite is more complex than working with softer materials. Granite’s rigid structure makes it challenging for regular drill bits to create a clean and precise cut. 

Using the wrong tools can lead to cracks, chips, or an unsatisfactory outcome. With their experience, professionals understand the complexities involved and can handle the drilling process skillfully.

Need for Precision and Clean Cuts

Precision is key when drilling holes in granite for plumbing or decorative purposes. A minor measurement error can result in disastrous consequences, such as a misaligned sink or faucet.

Professionals have the expertise to measure accurately, ensuring the holes are in the right position and with the correct dimensions. Moreover, they can achieve clean cuts without causing damage to the surrounding granite.

Cost of Hiring Professionals

Estimated Costs of Drilling in GraniteCost (USD)
Professional Drilling Services (per hole)$100 – $300
Renting Diamond Drill Bit (per day)$50 – $100
Purchasing Diamond Drill Bit$80 – $200

The costs may vary depending on the location, project complexity, and the professional’s expertise.

Availability of the Right Tools

Professionals come equipped with the tools and technology to drill into granite accurately. They have invested in high-quality diamond drill bits[1] and other essential equipment necessary for the job. 

It saves you the hassle and cost of acquiring and maintaining expensive tools for a one-time project.

Experience and Expertise

With experience comes expertise. Professional drillers have worked on various granite drilling projects, honing their skills over time. 

They understand the nuances of working with different types of granite and can adapt their approach accordingly. This experience ensures that the drilling is done efficiently and accurately.

Time and Trouble-Saving Advantages

Hiring professionals guarantees excellent results and saves you time and trouble. Granite drilling can be time-consuming, especially if you need more experience. 

Professionals can complete the job swiftly while maintaining quality, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.

How Difficult Is It to Cut Granite?

Granite’s hardness and rigidity make cutting incredibly challenging without the appropriate tools. Regular steel drill bits are ineffective and may lead to overheating, causing the bit to become dull or break. Diamond drill bits, conversely, are designed to handle the toughness of granite and deliver precise results.

Diamond-plated blades are essential when it comes to cutting granite. These blades, featuring a diamond coating, are highly durable and can make clean cuts through the stone. 

Combined with water cooling systems, it’s obvious that their cutting power ensures that the granite remains cool and intact during the cutting process.

Using inadequate tools to cut granite can have disastrous consequences. Regular drill bits may cause cracks, chips, or uneven edges, compromising the aesthetic appeal of the granite. 

Using incorrect tools can also be dangerous, leading to accidents or personal injury. Utilizing the right tools or seeking professional help is crucial for successful outcomes.

Can I Cut Granite Myself?

Cutting granite yourself is feasible if you have the right tools and experience. However, it is essential to note that working with granite requires expertise and precision. You can tackle the job yourself if you are an experienced DIYer or have prior experience with cutting hard materials.

For individuals without experience or expertise in cutting hard materials like granite, it is strongly recommended to outsource cutting or drilling tasks to professionals. 

The risks associated with damaging the granite or obtaining unsatisfactory results are high. Professionals have the necessary skills and tools to ensure a successful outcome while saving you time, effort, and potential expenses.

Can I Drill Holes in Granite Countertops?

Granite is popular for countertops due to its durability, heat resistance, and natural beauty. Its elegance and versatility make it suitable for various kitchen and bathroom designs.

Drilling holes is often necessary when installing sinks, faucets, or other plumbing accessories on granite countertops. 

These holes allow for properly installing and connecting the fixtures to the plumbing system. Precise measurements and clean cuts ensure seamless integration of the institutions with the granite surface.

You will need a diamond drill bit designed for granite to drill holes in granite countertops. These drill bits feature diamond-impregnated tips that can cut through the hard surface of the granite effectively. A standard power drill or a drill press can also be used to create the holes.

Estimated Costs for Drilling Granite CountertopsCost (USD)
Professional Services (multiple holes)$300 – $800
Diamond Drill Bit (for purchase)$50 – $150
Diamond Drill Bit (for rent per day)$10 – $30

Note: The costs may vary based on the number of holes required, countertop thickness, and job complexity.

Can a Plumber Drill a Hole in Granite?

Plumbers with the right tools and knowledge can drill holes in granite. Some plumbers may have experience working with granite and possess the tools required to complete the task efficiently. 

However, it’s important to ensure the plumber has the expertise and experience in drilling granite, as not all plumbers may be equipped for this specialized job.

While some plumbers may have the skills to drill holes in granite, more is needed. Granite drilling requires tools and techniques that may be outside of a plumber’s everyday repertoire. It is essential to inquire about their experience and expertise with granite drilling before entrusting them with the job.

Can I Drill or Cut an Already Installed Granite?

Cutting or drilling an already installed granite surface for modifications is possible, providing a flexible solution for customization. Whether you want to create new holes, resize existing ones, or make other alterations to the granite, professionals can skillfully perform these tasks with precision.

However, it is important to recognize that working with an installed granite surface requires careful attention and expertise. Cutting or drilling must be carried out delicately to avoid damaging the surrounding area and compromising the structural integrity of the granite.

Professionals specializing in granite modifications possess the tools, knowledge, and techniques to execute these changes effectively. 

They understand the unique challenges of working with installed granite and can navigate the process skillfully and precisely. By entrusting the job to experienced workers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your modifications will be carried out without causing harm to the granite or the surrounding elements.

Hiring an experienced worker to cut or drill an installed granite surface ensures a successful outcome that meets your expectations. These professionals have honed their craft and developed a deep understanding of the material, enabling them to execute modifications efficiently and accurately. 

They are familiar with the intricacies of granite and can navigate its hardness and rigidity to achieve the desired results.

While cutting or drilling an already installed granite surface for modifications is indeed possible, it is a task that demands the expertise of professionals. 


Drilling holes in granite requires specialized tools, skills, and expertise. While cutting or drilling granite yourself with the right tools and experience may be possible, hiring professionals is often more cost-effective and safer. 

The estimated costs for drilling in granite vary depending on factors such as the number of holes, countertop thickness, and the professional’s expertise. 


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