How Much Does It Cost to Change Your BattleTag? (Updated Prices)

In online gaming, establishing a unique and recognizable identity is paramount. It’s where the BattleTag comes into play—a virtual handle representing players across multiple games within Blizzard Entertainment’s gaming ecosystem. 

However, the cost of changing a BattleTag has sparked a heated debate within the gaming community. This article delves into the controversy, exploring the rationale behind the price and the diverse perspectives surrounding BattleTag changes.

Importance of BattleTag in Online Gaming

In the vast and interconnected world of online gaming, the BattleTag serves as a digital fingerprint. This unique identifier distinguishes players and allows them to interact, collaborate, and compete with others. 

It becomes a crucial aspect of a player’s virtual persona, enabling them to build relationships, join communities, and track their progress and accomplishments across different games. 

The BattleTag acts as a bridge, connecting players and facilitating a sense of camaraderie and identity in the online gaming space.

The Debate Over the Cost of Changing BattleTag

One of the critical points of contention in the BattleTag debate revolves around the $10 fee imposed by Blizzard Entertainment for BattleTag changes. 

Critics argue that this fee seems excessive, particularly when considering the minimal cost to Blizzard for implementing such changes. They emphasize that the primary focus should be curbing trolling and harassment rather than generating revenue through name changes. 

To better understand the concerns raised, let’s explore the potential impact of trolling and harassment within the gaming community. These behaviors can be detrimental to players’ experiences, leading to frustration, toxicity, and even the deterrence of new players. 

Some argue that by charging a fee for BattleTag changes, Blizzard indirectly encourages players to tolerate abusive behavior rather than providing a more accessible solution to combat harassment.

Comparisons to Other Platforms Offering Free Name Changes

To shed light on the controversy surrounding BattleTag costs, it is essential to consider the practices of other gaming platforms. Many players compare Blizzard’s approach to platforms like Steam, where users can change their names as frequently as desired. 

This comparison raises questions about the fairness and consistency of charging players for a service provided at no cost on other platforms. 

Table 1: Comparison of Policies on Different Gaming Platforms

PlatformName Change Policy
Blizzard$10 fee for BattleTag changes after the initial free change
SteamFree and unlimited name changes
Xbox Live[1]First name change is free, subsequent changes at a cost
PlayStation Network (PSN)First name change is free, following changes at a cost

By examining the table above, it becomes evident that Blizzard’s BattleTag change policy differs significantly from that of other major gaming platforms. This disparity further fuels the debate surrounding BattleTag costs and prompts players to question the reasoning behind Blizzard’s approach.

Process of Changing BattleTag on the Blizzard Entertainment Platform

Understanding Blizzard’s existing BattleTag change system provides additional insights into the cost structure. Initially, Blizzard grants users one free BattleTag change, allowing players to rectify any regrets or errors in their chosen names. 

This policy aims to balance providing flexibility for users and discouraging frequent name changes.

Table 2: BattleTag Change Process on Blizzard Entertainment

Number of ChangesCost
First changeFree
Subsequent changes$10 per change

Blizzard’s rationale for implementing a fee for subsequent BattleTag changes is two-fold. First, it discourages frivolous or hasty name changes, ensuring players choose their BattleTags thoughtfully. 

Second, it acts as a revenue stream for Blizzard, supporting the maintenance and development of its gaming infrastructure.

Limited-Time Promotions for Free BattleTag Changes

In certain instances, Blizzard has responded to player feedback by offering limited-time promotions that waive the $10 fee for BattleTag changes. An example of such a promotion occurred in the popular game Overwatch. 

When a character named McCree underwent a name change to Cole Cassidy, Blizzard seized the opportunity to provide players with a free BattleTag change. 

This promotion aimed to align the virtual identities of players with the updated character’s name and create a sense of unity within the Overwatch community.

Table 3: Promotions for Free BattleTag Changes

GamePromotion Description
OverwatchFree BattleTag change offered to align with the character name change.

Blizzard’s decision to allow a free BattleTag change with significant character name updates highlights its responsiveness to community concerns. These promotions enable players to realign their virtual identities with the evolving narratives and characters within Blizzard’s gaming universe. 

Changes to BattleTag Policy

Before introducing the current BattleTag change system, Blizzard initially granted users only one free change. However, they occasionally offered additional opportunities for free changes during specific promotions or events. 

These promotional periods allowed players to modify their BattleTags without incurring any cost, encouraging community engagement and providing flexibility for users.

In response to player feedback and the evolving gaming landscape, Blizzard recently revised their BattleTag policy. The new policy now allows players to change their BattleTags multiple times, albeit for $10 per change. 

This shift in approach grants players flexibility in modifying their identities but requires them to consider the financial implications of each change.

Justification for the Cost

Blizzard’s decision to charge a fee for BattleTag changes is rooted in two key factors. First, the price is a deterrent against abusive behavior and trolling. 

Blizzard aims to discourage players from frequently changing their BattleTags to evade accountability for their actions by imposing a cost on name changes. It’s a deterrent, promoting a healthier and more responsible gaming environment.

Secondly, the cost associated with BattleTag changes ensures that only committed players undertake this process. Blizzard filters out individuals who may make impulsive or ill-considered changes by introducing a financial barrier, maintaining a sense of stability within the gaming community.

While Blizzard does charge for most BattleTag changes, the occasional provision of free opportunities underscores the company’s commitment to player satisfaction and engagement. 

These free changes are often offered during special events, character name updates, or significant milestones within the gaming universe. Blizzard leverages these moments to connect with the community and demonstrate their responsiveness to player feedback.


The controversy surrounding the cost of BattleTag changes in online gaming highlights the complexities and diverse perspectives within the gaming community. Critics argue against the $10 fee and question the lack of cost for Blizzard. However, Blizzard’s reasoning for implementing the fee revolves around deterring abusive behavior and ensuring committed users. 

Limited-time promotions and occasional free opportunities for BattleTag changes showcase Blizzard’s efforts to align with player sentiment and create a sense of unity within their gaming universe. 


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