How Much Does It Cost To Build A 10×12 Room? (Updated Prices)

Undertaking a home improvement project, such as building a new room, is an exciting venture that can transform your living space and enhance its functionality. The cost of building a 10×12 room varies based on your location, the materials, labor, and any additional features you might want to include. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the various components that contribute to the overall cost, providing you with a comprehensive breakdown to help you budget effectively.

Square Footage Costs

When it comes to home construction costs, one crucial consideration is the square footage of the area you intend to build. As of recent years, the cost per square foot for new construction typically ranges from $80 to $110 in the United States. 

This cost covers both labor and materials required to create a functional living space. To get a rough estimate, let’s assume the middle ground of $95 per square foot. With a 10×12 room encompassing 120 square feet, a simple calculation yields an estimated cost of $11,400.


While the initial estimate provides a general idea of the cost, it’s important to remember that constructing a room addition is akin to new construction. To bring your envisioned 10×12 room to life, you’ll need to consider essential elements such as a foundation, four walls, a roof, electricity, and possibly plumbing. 

10 x 12 room

Keep in mind that the provided estimate is based on a basic construction model and doesn’t account for any additional materials or upgrades you might choose to incorporate into your project. 

Also, it’s advisable to consult your local housing department to determine if a permit is required for your construction, as regulations can vary among municipalities.


Labor costs play a significant role in the overall expense of your project. Hiring a general contractor [1] for construction work tends to amount to approximately the same cost as the materials themselves. 

However, a noteworthy approach to reducing expenses is taking on the labor yourself, provided you possess the necessary tools and skills. 

By doing so, you could potentially cut the average cost of adding a 10×12 room in half, bringing the estimated price down from $11,400 to approximately $5,700. 


Embarking on a do-it-yourself endeavor can result in substantial savings, making it a viable option for those who are capable and willing to take on the task.


The cost of building a 10×12 room encompasses various factors, from square footage and materials to labor and potential upgrades. With an estimated cost ranging from $11,400 to $5,700, depending on whether you opt for professional labor or decide to tackle the project yourself, it’s crucial to consider your budget, skills, and overall vision. 

Remember that this estimate provides a foundational understanding and that actual costs can vary based on your location, construction complexity, and personal preferences. By carefully evaluating all these elements, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your room addition project with a clear understanding of the financial aspects involved.


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