How Much Does It Cost to Assemble a Pool Table? (Updated Prices)

Discovering the cost of assembling a pool table is essential for anyone considering this recreational addition to their home. Factors such as table type, size, location, and professional assistance play a pivotal role in determining the overall expenses. 

Let’s delve into each element and explore the cost breakdown for assembling a pool table.

How Much Does It Cost to Assemble a Pool Table?

Getting a professional assembly for your pool table won’t break the bank. Typically, it costs between $200 to $300 when hiring a company. Alternatively, you can save money by assembling it yourself with the provided step-by-step instructions manual. The choice is yours.

What Are the Factors Directly Affecting the Cost of Assembling a Pool Table?

Assembling a pool table involves several crucial factors that directly influence the overall cost of the process. Understanding these factors is essential for those contemplating the purchase of a pool table and determining whether to hire professional assembly services or opt for a DIY approach.

Table Type and Size

The type and size of the pool table are primary determinants of the assembly cost. Different types [1], such as slate or non-slate tables, come with varying complexities in assembly. 

Slate tables, being heavier and more elaborate, often require specialized handling and expertise, making their assembly more expensive than non-slate counterparts. 

Additionally, the size of the table plays a role. Larger tables demand more time and effort during assembly, potentially increasing the cost.

Professional Assembly Versus DIY

The choice between professional assembly and a do-it-yourself approach significantly impacts the cost. Hiring a professional ensures a seamless and expertly executed assembly, but it comes with a price. 

Most assembly companies charge around $200 to $300 for their services, which can vary based on location and the complexity of the table. On the other hand, opting for a DIY assembly can save money, as the process can be free if you follow the provided step-by-step instructions manual. 

However, keep in mind that DIY assembly requires time, patience, and a basic understanding of tools, and any mistakes made during the process could incur additional expenses for repairs.

Additional Features and Accessories

Pool tables can come with various additional features and accessories, which can impact the overall assembly cost. Tables with intricate designs, custom finishes, or unique accessories may require more time and expertise during assembly, leading to higher charges from professional assembly services. 

Furthermore, any additional accessories like cue racks,, ball holders, or custom cloth can add to the overall expenses.

Delivery and Location

The delivery and location of the pool table also play a role in the assembly cost. If the table needs to be shipped from a distant location, delivery charges may be added to the overall expenses. 

Additionally, the location where the assembly takes place can influence costs. Some companies may charge extra for assembly services in remote or hard-to-reach areas.

Professional Skill and Experience

The expertise and experience of the assembly professionals can affect the cost as well. Highly skilled and experienced technicians might charge more for their services, but their proficiency ensures a well-assembled and level table, reducing the chances of future issues and additional costs for adjustments.


The cost of assembling a pool table varies based on factors like table type, size, professional assistance, and additional features. Hiring professionals may cost around $200 to $300, while DIY options can be cost-effective but require careful execution. 

Considering these factors allows for a well-informed decision on assembling a pool table.


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