How Much Does It Cost to Play Axie Infinity? THE PRICE OF IMMERSION

Axie Infinity has emerged as a leading NFT game, captivating players with its unique gameplay and potential for earning through in-game assets. However, the game has entry barriers regarding initial investment and costs. 

This article delves into the cost considerations of playing Axie Infinity, explores the factors influencing Axie pricing, and discusses the game’s potential returns.

Cost of Axie Infinity

To start playing Axie Infinity, players need a team of three Axies. Buying low-cost Axies or forming a more balanced squad depends on individual strategies. 

While acquiring “Floor Axies” (the cheapest available) may seem appealing due to their low cost, they may not aid progression in the game as they often lack desirable traits. 

On the other hand, forming a balanced team requires a higher investment but increases the chances of success.

Fighting scene in Axie

Regarding average Axie NFT prices, there has been a drastic reduction recently. Previously, the average price of an Axie stood at $355, which presented a significant entry barrier for many players. 

However, the market had a price correction, forming an average Axie team now costing around $110. 

Axie Infinity for Free

Scholars offer an opportunity for players seeking to play Axie Infinity without an upfront investment. In this arrangement, veteran players lend their Axies to novices, allowing them to earn in-game currency called Small Love Potions (SLP). 

Factors Influencing Axie Pricing

Several factors influence the pricing of Axies in the marketplace:

1. Collectors vs. competitors: Some players value Axies as collectibles rather than competitive assets, leading to varied pricing based on their preferences.

2. Body parts or cards: Axies with rare or desirable body parts and cards often command higher prices due to their strategic advantages in battles.

Venom Spray card

3. Breed count: Axies with lower breed counts are generally more valuable since they have a limited supply and are sought after by collectors.

4. Price of ETH: Ethereum (ETH)[1], the native cryptocurrency used in the Axie Infinity marketplace, affects the prices of Axies since they are traded using ETH.

5. Axie stats: While Axie stats have a minor effect on pricing, certain combinations of stats can make an Axie more desirable for specific strategies.

6. Class of Axie: The class of an Axie, such as Tank, Damage Dealer, or Support, affects its value based on the current metagame and balance changes.

Axies and Team Costs

Axie infinity attack

To build a productive Axie team, players should estimate a budget of around $300. When purchasing Axies, personal preferences, and play style should be considered. Different players may value Axies differently based on their individual needs and strategies. 


Axie Infinity, despite its entry barriers, offers exciting gameplay and potential returns. The cost considerations of starting the game have become more favorable with the recent reduction in average Axie prices. 

Players can play for free through scholarships, although accessing them can be challenging due to high demand. Understanding the factors influencing Axie pricing is essential for making informed investment decisions. 


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