How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Hood? (Updated Prices)

The hood of a car is often the first thing people notice, and a fresh coat of paint can give it a new lease on life. But how much will it cost? The answer depends on several factors, including the size of the hood, the type of paint and finish you choose, and whether you opt for a professional painter or DIY. 

We will break down the costs and help you make an informed decision about painting your car’s hood.

How Much Will It Cost to Paint Your Own Car Hood?

Painting your car’s hood can be a cost-effective solution if it’s been damaged and you’re working with a tight budget. However, before you start, it’s important to understand the costs involved and the materials you’ll need. The process of painting a hood is similar to painting a car, but the difference lies in the amount of paint needed and the cost of repairing any damage. 

By doing some research beforehand and setting a budget, you can ensure that the process goes smoothly and your car hood looks as good as new. If you’re confident in your DIY skills, painting your car’s hood can be a satisfying project that saves you money in the long run. Check out the information below to learn how to estimate the amount of materials needed and calculate the cost of repairing any damage to your car’s hood during a paint job.

Masking Tape

Before you start painting, it’s important to use masking tape to cover any areas you don’t want to paint. This will help prevent accidental paint stains. The cost for the masking tape should be around $30 to $35.

HOOD car hood pre painting


The groundsheet should be a tool that you already have in your paint toolbox. Grab it and spread it out over the area you’ll be working on to protect the floor from getting dirty.


Before you start painting, it’s important to clean the surface of the hood thoroughly to remove any stubborn dirt particles. Then, use sandpaper to create a smooth and even surface for the paint to adhere to. Once you’re done sanding, wipe down the hood with a damp cloth to remove any excess sanding debris. The cost for sandpaper and cleaning supplies should be around $16.


Next, it’s time to apply the primer. Use thin layers to ensure that the paint will be durable and long-lasting. Once you’ve applied the primer, let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Paint Sprayer

If you’re looking to complete your paint job quickly and achieve a smooth finish, it’s recommended that you invest in a paint sprayer and the necessary nozzles. This will cost you around $45, but it can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

HOOD Nissan hood scratches


Protecting yourself during a paint job is crucial. Make sure to wear a mask, gloves, and eye protection to avoid any harm or injury.


When it comes to car paint, urethane is considered to be one of the best options. If you’re only painting the hood of your car, you should only need one quart of paint, which should cost around $25. This should be enough to achieve even coverage on the hood. When applying the paint to the primed area, it’s important to use thin layers. 

Apply 3 to 4 coats, and make sure to allow proper drying time between each coat. If you apply thick layers, it will take much longer to dry, and the finished product may look messy.

Top Coat

To lock in the paint and achieve your desired finish, apply 3 to 4 layers of top coat. Whether you want a shiny, matte, or semi-glossy finish, this will ensure that your hood looks its best. When purchasing the clear coat, be sure to only buy as much as you need – one quart should be enough for the hood and will cost around $25.

The Overall Cost

Once you’ve tallied up the cost of all the required materials, you’ll find that the DIY method will cost around $130 to $145. This includes all the necessary supplies to properly paint your car hood and achieve a professional-looking finish.

HOOD DIY with Bosny

How Much Does a Professional Paint Job for a Car’s Hood Cost?

If you opt to hire a professional automotive painter to repaint your hood, it will typically take them between 4 to 10 hours. If extensive repairs are required or you request custom details, the process may take longer. Additionally, if the painter has a heavy workload, it may take longer for them to turn around your vehicle.

Low-End Car Hood Paint Job

If you’re looking for an affordable paint job for your car hood, a chain like Maaco may be a good option for you. Their lowest level paint job typically uses single-stage enamel paint, which includes both the color and clear coat in one application. While this type of paint is quick to apply and relatively inexpensive, it is also less durable than other types of paint. 

Additionally, color matching may be an issue, as many chains use their own lines of paint that may not match the dealer’s colors. Minimal prep work is required, and there is typically a limited warranty on the paintwork. Depending on various factors, such as the type of paint and the level of detail, a low-end paint job on a car hood at a chain like Maaco can cost anywhere between $200 to $400.

Mid-Range Car Hood Paint Job

If you want a more high-quality and durable paint job for your car hood, then you should go for a mid-range option. This type of paint job involves a more thorough preparation process, which includes repairing any dents and removing rust. The technician will apply multiple layers of paint, including primer, several coats of urethane paint, and several coats of clear coat to add shine and long-lasting durability to the paint. 

The cost of a mid-range paint job for a car hood usually ranges from $300 to $600, depending on the extent of repair work and blending needed to achieve a seamless finish. It is worth noting that the cost can vary based on the specific services and materials used by the auto body shop.

HOOD 320 grit

High-End Car Hood Paint Job

If you want the best possible paint job for your car hood, then a high-end professional paint job is the way to go. The process involves a significant amount of preparation, including removing all previous paint to the car’s metal, extensive priming, and using the highest-quality materials available. The paint job will consist of multiple coats of urethane paint, including several coats of clear coat for shine and protection. 

Depending on your preference, custom details such as airbrushing, metallic paint, or two-tone paint may also be included in the process. While this level of paint job offers the highest quality, it also requires significant time and money. It may take several weeks, or even months to complete, and the cost can range anywhere from $800 to $8,000 or even more for a custom, showroom-quality paint job for an entire vehicle. 

A survey by CostHelper Cars revealed that a top-quality paint job could cost up to $20,000, depending on the extent of the work required.

What is the Cost Per Square Foot to Hire a Professional to Paint a Car Hood?

When you’re considering painting your car hood, the size of the area will play a big role in determining the cost. The average size of a car hood is about 5 feet by 6 feet or 30 square feet. For a low-end paint job, you can expect to pay around $10 per square foot, which would bring the total cost to around $300. 

However, if you’re looking for a high-end paint job that involves extensive prep work and the use of high-quality materials, the cost can go up significantly. In this case, you might pay as much as $100 or more per square foot, which could bring the total cost to $3,000 or more for the same car hood.

HOOD Applying Primer

When Should a Professional Be Employed to Paint Your Car’s Hood?

In certain cases, it is advisable to have a skilled professional paint the hood of your car.

Time Constraints

In today’s fast-paced world, people often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, leaving little time to undertake tasks such as painting their car hood. Fortunately, there are professionals available who can handle the job. 

By hiring a professional, individuals can rest assured that their car hood will receive high-quality paintwork that meets their standards. This also saves them time and effort, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. 

Lack of Experience

If you lack experience and knowledge in painting a car hood, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional automotive paint repairs. Painting a car hood involves specific steps, including prep work, sanding, and applying multiple coats of paint, which can be challenging to execute without proper training. 

A professional automotive paint repairer has the expertise, skills, and tools required to ensure that the paint job is done correctly and efficiently. With their experience, they can identify potential issues that could arise during the painting process and provide a solution that meets your requirements.

HOOD Applyig the initial paint layer

Expensive Vehicle

Taking care of an expensive car can be a daunting task, and sometimes it’s best to seek the help of a professional to ensure that everything is done correctly. While you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands, a high-class mechanic has the knowledge and experience necessary to maintain your car’s look and performance. 

From routine maintenance to more complicated repairs, a professional mechanic can help you stay on top of your car’s needs, ensuring that it stays in top condition for years to come. So, if you want to get the most out of your investment, it’s important to trust the experts and seek their help whenever necessary.

Insured Car

If your car hood has been damaged and you have insurance coverage for your vehicle, it’s wise to consider getting the paint or repair service from your car dealership or a professional technician. When you use your insurance coverage, the insurance company will cover the cost of the repairs, and you will only have to pay your deductible. 

HOOD Polishing

Choosing to get your car fixed at a dealership or professional technician ensures that the repair work is done correctly and with the highest quality materials. They also have experience working with insurance companies and can help you navigate the claims process. 

It’s important to keep in mind that using an unauthorized repair shop can void your warranty and may not be covered by your insurance policy.

How Much Will Shipping a Car Hood Cost?

When you need to estimate the shipping charges for your car hood, the weight of the parcel is the first thing to consider. The weight of the parcel is mentioned on the attached slip, and as the shipping fee is $2 per pound, you can calculate the cost accordingly. For instance, if the weight of the parcel is 45 pounds, the shipping cost will be 45 x 2$ = $90. 

If you choose to send your car hood via road, the cost of painting it will be around $40 to $60. However, if you opt for air delivery, you may need to pay more.

HOOD Preparation


Painting a car hood is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your vehicle, but it is crucial to understand the costs involved before taking the plunge. Whether you opt for a low-end, mid-range, or high-end paint job, the cost will depend on the amount of prep work required and the level of customization you desire. 

While DIY methods may seem like a cost-effective solution, hiring a professional to paint your car hood is often the best choice to ensure the job is done correctly. So, take your time to research, compare prices, and choose the right option that suits your budget and needs.


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