How Much Does It Cost to Get a Ring Resized? (Updated Prices)

Ring resizing is a common practice to make sure your precious jewelry fits perfectly. However, many people are hesitant to get it done due to the fear of high costs. If you’re one of them, worry not. We will explore the factors that affect the cost of ring resizing and provide you with a rough estimate to help you budget accordingly. So, let’s dive in and discover how much it really costs to get your ring resized.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Ring Resized?

Ring resizing can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a month, depending on the intricacy of the ring’s setting. A basic resizing typically costs between $20 to $60, but this price may vary based on the region and type of metal used. However, if the resizing is more complex, the cost can range from $50 to $150. 

Keep in mind that regardless of the design, making a ring larger will always cost more than making it smaller. So, it’s essential to budget accordingly and consult with a professional jeweler to get an accurate estimate.

What Are the Different Factors That Determine Resizing Cost of the Ring?

Resizing Amount

When it comes to ring resizing, it’s essential to keep in mind that there is a significant difference between going down half a size versus increasing the ring’s size by three sizes. Decreasing the size of a ring is a relatively simple process and can be done quickly. 

RING Ring display

However, making the ring larger is a more complicated process that requires more material, time, and skill. The more significant the increase in size, the more material and effort are required, which can affect the cost of resizing.

Type of Metal

The cost of ring resizing can also depend on the type of metal used in the ring. Certain metals are more difficult to resize than others, and as a result, the cost of resizing may vary. Yellow gold is usually the most affordable option because it’s malleable and easy to resize. 

In contrast, rose gold can be more expensive due to its tendency to crack during the resizing process. Some jewelers may even refuse to resize rose gold rings to avoid damaging the delicate metal.

Thickness of Metal

Another factor that affects the cost of ring resizing is the thickness of the metal used in the ring. Thicker metals require more effort to manipulate, making resizing more challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, the cost of resizing a thicker ring may be higher than a thinner one. 

If you need to make the ring larger, the jeweler must add more metal, which will also increase the cost. It’s essential to consider the thickness of your ring before deciding to resize it and communicate your requirements clearly with the jeweler to get an accurate estimate. 

RING Ring measurement

Remember, the more metal a jeweler has to manipulate, the more effort they need to put in, which can affect the final cost of the resizing.

The Complexity of the Ring

The complexity of the ring design is another factor that affects the cost of resizing. A plain metal band is generally less expensive to resize than a ring with a more complicated design that includes numerous jewels. The more intricate the design, the more time and effort it takes to resize the ring correctly without damaging any of the stones or intricate settings. 

Jewelers may also need to use specialized tools and techniques to resize rings with complicated designs, which can increase the cost of resizing.

Shape of the Ring

The shape of the ring is another factor that can impact the cost of resizing. Some rings have flatter backs, which means that the metal is more spread out and thinner in some areas. If your ring has this shape, it may require more labor or metal to upsize it. Resizing a ring with a flatter back requires more skill and attention to detail from the jeweler. 

RING Marking for adjustments

They must ensure that the metal is evenly distributed and that the ring’s shape remains intact. Furthermore, adding metal to a ring with a flatter back can be more complicated, which can increase the cost of resizing.

Number of Jewels in the Ring

If your ring has numerous jewels, resizing it may not be an option. If it is possible, the cost may be higher due to the delicate nature of working around the stones. Resizing a ring with multiple stones requires a skilled jeweler who can safely manipulate the metal around the jewels without damaging them. 

Additionally, the jeweler must ensure that the size of the ring is proportionate to the size of the stones. If the ring is too small or too large, the stones may become unstable, and the setting may weaken, which can lead to costly repairs.

RING Sealing the ring


The cost of resizing a ring depends on various factors, such as the metal type, design complexity, and the amount of metal on the ring. Understanding these factors and discussing them with a professional jeweler can help you get an accurate estimate of the cost involved. 

Regardless of the potential cost, resizing a ring can give it new life and ensure that it fits comfortably for years to come.


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