How Much Does It Cost To Frame A Poster? (Updated Prices)

Framing a poster is a great way to enhance its appearance and protect it from damage. However, the cost of framing can vary depending on several factors. In this article, we will discuss the cost breakdown for framing a poster and provide some budget-friendly options.

Factors Affecting Framing Cost

Several factors can affect the cost of framing a poster. First, the type of framing materials used can impact the overall cost. Second, the size of the poster can impact the cost of framing. Thirdly, the type of glazing or protection chosen can also affect the cost. Finally, additional customization, such as matting or conservation-grade materials, can add to the overall cost.

Framing Cost Breakdown

Basic framing options include low-cost materials, mid-range materials, and high-end materials. Low-cost materials may include plastic or metal frames, while mid-range materials could be wood or composite frames. High-end materials may include exotic woods or high-quality metal.

Customization options may include matting, UV protection, conservation-grade materials, and different framing styles.

Framing materials

Cost Comparison

The cost of framing a poster can vary depending on the size and type of materials chosen. For example, framing a standard-sized poster with low-cost materials may cost around $30-$50, while framing a larger poster with high-end materials and additional customization could cost up to $500 or more.

  • Standard Poster Size

For a standard poster size, the cost of framing can vary from $30-$50 for low-cost materials, $70-$100 for mid-range materials, and $150-$300 for high-end materials. Additional customization options such as matting, UV protection, and different framing styles can increase the cost up to $500 or more.

  • Larger Poster Size

For larger posters, the cost of framing can increase significantly. Low-cost materials for a larger poster could cost around $50-$100, mid-range materials could cost around $150-$200, and high-end materials could cost around $500 or more. Additional customization options can also increase the cost.

Placing the poster on to the glass
  • Customized Framing

Customized framing can significantly increase the cost of framing a poster. For example, using conservation-grade materials can cost around $300-$500, while handcrafted or unique framing styles can cost up to $1,000 or more. When comparing costs, it’s important to keep in mind that customization options can significantly increase the cost of framing. 

Additional customization options include:

Matting: Depending on the complexity and size of the matting, the cost can range from $10-$100.

UV Protection: UV-protective glass or acrylic can cost around $50-$100.

Conservation-Grade Materials: This includes acid-free matting and backing, and can cost around $300-$500.

Framing Styles: Unique framing styles can cost around $500 or more.


Framing a poster is an investment in both its appearance and preservation. To keep framing costs low, it’s recommended to use mid-range materials and limit customization options.

Additionally, consider purchasing pre-made frames rather than custom frames, which can significantly reduce costs. Remember, the cost of framing a poster can vary greatly depending on factors such as size and materials, so it’s important to consider all options before making a decision.


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